Optimizing Hybrid Operating Rooms for the Patient, Part 4: Operational Efficiency & Profitability

Author: By Domico Med-Device on June 06, 2023
Duration: 2 min(s)

Optimizing Hybrid Operating Rooms for the Patient, Part 4: Operational Efficiency & Profitability

This is the final installment in a 4-part series on optimizing hybrid operating rooms for patients. Part 1 offered an overview of hybrid OR benefits. Part 2 discussed ways to enhance the patient experience. Part 3 detailed how a better patient experience yields staff benefits. In Part 4, we’ll cover how it can enhance operational efficiency.

Image-guided therapy (IGT) and hybrid operating rooms drive better patient outcomes, but hospital stakeholders may wonder how their investment will impact operational efficiency and profitability.

Multi-disciplinary flexibility increases utilization

Hospitals no longer need to devote an entire operating room to only one type of procedure. With the right equipment, staff can adjust a few knobs to quickly convert the same room for different procedures and surgeon preferences. For example, some operating tables can accommodate both spinal and neuro procedures – simply swap tabletops between patients. Others offer floor-mounted pedestals that facilitate a trolley to lift and swap out tabletops depending on procedural need.

This flexibility increases utilization and reduces issues with competing priorities between cardio, neuro, vascular and other teams. Different accessories allow multiple procedures in the same room, helping hospitals avoid politics that influence operating room design.

Treat more patients

When staff can quickly convert operating rooms between procedures, hospitals can reduce wait times and treat more patients faster every day, week, month and year.

Improve reputation and increase revenue

An optimized patient experience improves hospital reputation. Patients get quicker care, enjoy better outcomes and leave positive reviews.

Revenues increase when hospitals can treat more patients in less time and have the reputation to attract more patients for advanced procedures. At the same time, improved productivity and efficiency save money, allowing hospitals to perform procedures at lower costs. A transition to image-guided therapy not only improves patient care, it also improves hospital financials.

Next steps

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