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Find out how we can develop, manufacture and deliver high-quality healthcare solutions that meet your needs.

How Can We Help You?

At Domico Med-Device, we work closely with manufacturers,

distributors, healthcare professionals, and inventors to develop, manufacture

and deliver medical products and solutions that improve lives.


So, whether you’re looking for function-specific solutions or want help designing

and commercializing your own products, we can help.


Using our manufacturing expertise and development capabilities, we can produce reliable, high-quality patient positioning products. We’ll also work directly with you to ensure we deliver on-time, every time.

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As a reliable, FDA-registered supplier of high-quality patient positioning products we can offer  solutions that meet your requirements and those of your customers.  If the situation demands, we can accommodate private label needs.

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Healthcare Professional

Whether you’re on the frontline or looking for function-specific solutions to address the needs of your patients, we have a variety of patient positioning products, assemblies and components that can help.

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With a history of successful healthcare product launches, we’ll collaborate with you to develop and commercialize your solutions. If you have an idea, we have the know-how to make it a reality.

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