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At Domico Med-Device, we specialize in the design and development of innovative solutions for healthcare applications. If you have an idea, we’d love to help you bring it to life.

The Domico Med-Device Way

Our proven process can best be summarized as Discovery, Alignment, Commitment and Success.  This process is based on years of exercising our development efforts to achieve desirable outcomes for patients, caregivers, and customers.

This process involves discovering your goals and objectives, aligning our capabilities with your needs,  upon confirming alignment making a commitment to mutual success, and proceeding to the goals we set, together.

Our team will identify any risks and opportunities early on and throughout the development process and ensure transparency throughout the process. If we encounter the unexpected, we will communicate the impact accordingly.  We endeavor to avoid last-minute surprises.

The result? Our track record of bringing high-quality medical products to market successfully.

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Delivering Best Value Solutions

Our team will conduct a discovery session with you to capture the technical details and requirements for your medical product design.  We will seek to understand the product attributes that are essential to a successful development effort, items such as: intended use, load capacity, size and weight, imaging modality, and any other application specific considerations.

Once the details are agreed, our engineers will utilize SolidWorks to capture and create the product that aligns with the requirements established during the discovery session. Reviews will be conducted throughout the process to ensure we maintain alignment and ultimately achieve the successful outcome we both desire.


Concept-To-Product Development Capabilities

Once we are aligned on product requirements, we can move into prototype build.  We leverage our engineering capability to design any required molds, tools and fixtures.  Next, we leverage our in-house machining and assembly capability to build these items.  This provides the ability to timely build the initial unit for evaluation.  Upon confirmation that the product meets your requirements, ramping up for production can begin. 

Whether it’s in-house product design, tooling, mold design or build, we have the expertise and capability to realize medical product designs and quickly move to production.

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Bring Your Designs To Life

Whether you are hatching an idea or have a detailed solution engineered, bring it to the table — let’s discuss how we can collaborate.

We excel at bringing designs for medical products to life through our systematic, tried-and-tested development process. No matter your requirements — we can help you develop useful medical products that make a positive difference.

Trusted To Deliver

Over the years, we’ve worked closely with product creators — successfully developing and manufacturing solutions that improve lives, together.

From creating new products to enhancing existing ones, with our medical device design expertise, knowledge, and capability, we can produce best-value solutions.

If you need a medical device designed for a specific application or function — and brought to market quickly — we’d be glad to help.

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What Others Have To Say

In my time working with Domico Med-Device, they have continuously demonstrated this understanding. Their design outputs meet the actual needs of doctors and nurses, with ongoing collaboration with clinicians to receive their essential feedback. I have also been impressed with their innovative approach to new product ideas. Not only did they listen to customer feedback to improve the product, they created additional product designs as well.
Onno Wink
PhD, Clinical Scientist

Lets Create Something Great, Together

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