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With our wide range of manufacturing processes and talented engineers, Domico Med-Device offers design expertise and production capabilities for a wide variety of product applications. Whether you need a contract manufacturing partner or have a product idea, let’s build something that makes a difference.
Well versed in FDA design history file and ISO 13485:2016 technical file requirements we will align on roles and responsibilities to promote compliance with relevant regulatory requirements. When necessary, we are experienced in managing products through 3rd party laboratory testing and certification. And, will manage the requirements for compliance with international medical device equipment safety standards, such as:
  • IEC 60601 for Mechanical & Electrical Equipment
  • IEC 62366 for Medical Devices
  • IEC 14971 for Risk Management
  • ISO 10993 for Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices
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Medical Product Design and Development

We collaborate with companies and clinicians to design innovative solutions for healthcare applications. Our talented designers and engineers utilize the latest technology for solid modeling, simulations, rendering, 3-D printing, and direct translation to our state-of-the-art CNC production equipment. 

We like to be involved as early in the creation process as possible.   But no matter where you are at - a sketch on a napkin or in use for years and need a change, we are eager to jump in.  Together, we will plan a course of action that will achieve the aligned development goal.

Our extensive in house capabilities will allow us to quickly build concepts to vet ideas; transition to 1st article builds for testing and evaluation; and ultimately transition to full production. 

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Medical Product Design and Development

Medical Device Manufacturing

As an FDA registered, ISO 13485:2016 certified medical device manufacturer, we will ensure our manufacturing processes yield specification compliant products for every shipment.  Combining rigorous quality management with manufacturing expertise, you can trust our team to meet to provide quality products that achieve patient and caregiver satisfaction.

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Medical Device Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing of Medical Products

With a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, Domico Med-Device is a leading supplier of products, accessories, and system components for leading medical device OEM’s. Our customer relationships are vital to the success of our company and essential to achieving our purpose of improving lives, together. That’s why we’re committed to delivering top-quality American-made products, on time and on spec.

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