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At Domico Med-Device, we provide a broad range of capabilities to manufacture an extensive portfolio of medical products.   Whether the need is one of our standard product solutions or optimizing a customer’s design for manufacturability, our extensive medical product selection and development experience is available to address your needs.

So no matter your requirements — an existing product or something new we can help you address your specific needs.

Quality Manufacturing Every Time

As an FDA-registered and ISO 13485:2016 certified medical device manufacturer, we manufacture products that meet all specifications and relevant regulatory requirements. Thanks to rigorous quality management throughout our manufacturing process, we build medical products that work as intended time and time again.


Production Capabilities

Our range of manufacturing capabilities ensure we can cater to a wide range of medical product applications. Coupled with our engineering services, we can work from concept to prototype through to production. We can flex and scale our capabilities which include carbon fiber, compression molding, product assembly, foam fabrication, sewing, sealing, coating, vacuum forming, and more.


Reliable Delivery, Every Time

As a trusted medical product manufacturing partner, we pride ourselves on our great track record of effective communication and delivering quality products on time. Should we encounter an unexpected delay that compromises a commitment, we won’t leave you in the dark.  We’ll keep you informed and work to avoid gaps in supply.

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In my time working with Domico Med-Device, they have continuously demonstrated this understanding. Their design outputs meet the actual needs of doctors and nurses, with ongoing collaboration with clinicians to receive their essential feedback. I have also been impressed with their innovative approach to new product ideas. Not only did they listen to customer feedback to improve the product, they created additional product designs as well.
Onno Wink
PhD, Clinical Scientist

Lets Create Something New, Together

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With a long history of successful partnerships with OEMs and inventors, Domico Med-Device can help your organization with medical product design, development, and manufacturing. Simply fill out the form and a member of the team will reach out to discuss your needs.